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  1. Larkin is skating at practice today, I've been holding my breath that he didn't get his neck re-injured and they didn't announce it so he could serve the game suspension without any issue.
  2. Funny you mention not mixing it up after talking the goal because he gave OEL a little shot after the Zadina goal, I've noticed him doing little things like that in other places too when he gets fired up: Him and OEL mixed it up later in the game too I believe so I think they had something going
  3. I honestly have no clue what it is, I think it may be a mix of an old boys club and incompetence. They're inconsistent on almost everything.
  4. Edvinsson is getting some unreal hype right now. Sounds like he's been moved to Frolunda's first PP unit too. The whispers online are that the Stars had Edvinsson as their top prospect and the Wings had him as their third rated guy.
  5. Figured I would drop this here after he did the same to Larkin. How is the NHL just letting him do this without even a penalty?
  6. I should have just named this my prospect rambling thread Nice to see a guy with his size get down on that shot so easily Goalies in our system: Cossa... 6 GS 1.15 GAA .958 SV Bednar... 3 GS 1.89 GAA .929 SV Gylander... 3 GS 1.97 GAA .930 SV
  7. He always struck me more of a player that gets called a defensive defenseman because he doesn't have any offensive skills that pop rather than being particularly good at defense. But that's just me.
  8. Veleno scored two goals in Grand Rapids tonight after scoring opening night. Nice to see that start after getting sent down.
  9. I honestly hate those cross checking plays so much. Unnecessary and dangerous. The league talks about punishing them harder but then doesn't ever do anything.
  10. There are less goons in the league, specifically less guys who are only there to be goons. Often linesmen will jump in between guys if they can but if a rare fight does break out they won't usually stop it. Just happens less frequently now. Also: https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/1449008799189291009?s=20
  11. Ah so Larkin gets the intent to injure because he reacted to getting hit from behind after missing time with a serious neck injury. Very cool. I know you can't go around decking people but it is tough to swallow after the hit.
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