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The Pistachio War? The 45+ years of war with Iran


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Iran was the reason why I chose the path I did in life.  I wrote a book at about age 11 about a spy who freed the hostages.  Featured in the book were huge crowds of people shaking their fists and shouting "death to America"!  Somehow the spy in my crudely drawn book was able to pull off the job were President Carter could not.  

Somewhere, in the Reagan years we ended up in a sort of war on Iran over tankers and missiles.  Later, much later, our gang of students at grad school would gather on our Thursday night drinking nights and chug beers shouting "bar mar am-reek ka!"  (Which in our drunken minds was the death to America chant") which is the exact sort of thing you do when you have infantilized your opponent.  

In my fancy pants school I learned that yeah, Iran had beef.  But, of course...we have beef too.

Then, after 9/11 when we were in the midst of the West's righteous rage at Sunni Islam, the Shia punks in Iran said "what about us, mate?" and funded and supplied the weapons to thousands of attacks on US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We never quite took their measure but we allowed Israel to strike at their nuclear industry.

Now, Iran is working in alliance with Putin to stir trouble for the Western democracies.  Killing American troops is the tripwire forcing Biden's hands to act despite his wish not to.  Trump is trying to slipstream this conflict back into the White House to avoid prison and to become America's dictator.   Steve Bannon rubs his gravy-stained hands in the wings as he plots his leninist takeover of the US on behalf of his oligarch friends.

So, my feelings at this point are that  is the last thing Biden, America and the West needs but we do need to respond.

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