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2/22/24 6PM Detroit Pistons @ Indiana Pacers

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Ku Kahil dropped a show today talking about the misuse of Ausar in this offense. Basically discussing the (false) idea that you always need 4 shooters on the court.

He mostly referenced a lot of JJ Redick's info, so I'll post one of JJ's pods below where he talks about this concept in reference to how Willie Green is using Zion and even how Ben Simmons was used when JJ played with him. On a previous pod he talked about this concept using some of the actions that Quin Snyder runs in Atlanta. And, of course, you've all heard me talk about how the Warriors use Draymond and Looney together with the other three guys running off-ball screens to free up shooters and otherwise bend the defense.

Nobody is saying that this core has the talent level of some of those other teams, but every time you see Ausar standing in the corner and the Pistons playing 4 on 5 offense, that's on Monty. The only thing worse than his lineups are his offensive sets and lack of creativity.


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SGA really stands out in the cut vs drive graphic.

Really wish the Pistons could've landed Atkinson. I'd love to see more off-ball movement, cutting, and screening like GS does. Nobody wants to chase Ivey or Ausar around the court and few can vertical space like Duren and Ausar. All of the core 4 are good passers as well. Add Fontecchio to that mix who can movement shoot. They'd feast. The whole idea behind drafting 4 dudes who supposedly have high IQ and can make passing plays is not to run one dude into triple teams all day while the other guys sit in the corner.

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