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12/08/2021 07:00 EST Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons


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9 hours ago, Hart said:

Even though we are actually having a pretty good shooting tonight, I am still disgusted about what I see from our offense.  I just don't think Casey knows how to coach offense.  Lucky he had Lowry in Toronto.  

A lot of lazy/dumb passes early on in the 1st quarter didn't help.  It looked like amateur hour at the YMCA. 

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Just now, NYLion said:

Without Green funny enough and with minimal contributions from any of their rookies for the most part so not sure it's necessarily a good thing for that franchise.

i think they'll start losing again very soon.

honestly, theyre probably a better TEAM without green.  he's selfish.  he has a ton of upside but a lot to learn about stuff that cade seems to already know.

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On 12/9/2021 at 9:25 AM, NYLion said:

And then Casey had him inbounding the ball on the last possession. Classic Casey

He's the real tank commander. Great character guy, which is good for development but I'm actually starting to wonder if his (lack of) offense, iso-plays, and lineups are actually hurting these player's NBA development.

Maybe it's fine for this year, but we'll need to move on if we want to start getting some wins next year. He truly mishandled this game with his video game lineups where he rides 5 bench players for half of the 4th quarter.

And that last play was just atrocious. They need a 3 with less than a second on the clock and:

1. Initially he leaves Stewart and Hami on the floor, while leaving Killian (the team's best 3 pt shooter) on the bench.
2. Cade - who has scored the last 4 buckets in OT is inbounding.
3. We try the play (to get Frank a shot at the logo) and they sniff it out, so Casey calls a timeout because we can't get the ball inbounds.
4. Casey swaps Stewart for CoJo (why CoJo?) and still runs the EXACT same play that they had already sniffed out.

When asked why Killian wasn't in the game, Casey's response is that his +/- wasn't good for the game. Seriously? Plus/minus? That's what matters when you need to get a three with the last shot in OT? What a train wreck of a coach.

And can we talk about Trey Lyles? There was a point where he went into 3 defenders and got his shot crushed at the rim (subtract 2 pts). Then the very next play he commits an intentional foul 30 feet from the bucket to prove a point (subtract 2 more points) and then gets a tech on top of it (subtract 1 more point). As soon as I saw it I said, "that guy is sitting on my bench for the rest of the game. And if we lose this game by 5 pts or less, he's not playing in the next game either." Guess what? We lost by 3.

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