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02/04/2022 07:00 EST Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons


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35 minutes ago, buddha said:

if cade isnt playing, there's no point in watching.

Exactly right.  I checked in 20 minutes before the game last night and tonight to see if I was going to watch.

I have caught a few minutes and it is amazing how atrocious our offense looks without Cade.  He is somewhat a saving grace for Casey because he is such a willing and creative passer but Casey really needs to go. It is 5 guys standing around watching each other go one on one.  It's depressing that this is the coaching we are getting from Casey.

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I don't believe Grant necessarily blocks Diallo from playing time.

I think trading Grant is more a function of resetting our timeline with more youth and draft assets that fit into Cade's timeline. And he's the only trade commodity we have who can get (possibly) some decent assets in return. Plus, contractually, I think he just misses on that youth timeline...

It wouldn't bother me to be able to draft a Jabari Smith at PF, move Grant to SF, and have Cade and Diallo at PG and SG (pushing Bey to the bench as a 6th man). Then we would just need a Real Center to push Stewart to the bench as an energy guy and... we may actually have a team there...

So I don't know which direction the Pistons want to go with Grant... but I could go either way with trade/ don't trade him.

In the end... based on his iso-play, lack of rebounding, and my desire for more team youth... I do think the team is better off trading him for youth/assets...

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