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  1. I had to look it up because it sounded soooooo familiar. Was it the Popeye movie with Robin Williams...nope. I remember sitting in the store with my dad on more than a couple occasions when he was trying to haggle with a sales person to buy a TV or something. He always loved the new tech, but almost never could afford it so when he did go it was an event.
  2. When I first started really investing I noticed I could not really just buy stocks for a company I thought was worth it because like you said the price was too high or the shares you were forced to buy pushed it out of my range at the time. Now I have money that goes directly into a money market account and get transferred from there to the stocks of my choice...there is usually a good amount left over so I dabble with that money into random stocks that I hear about, the latest was BOXL, GTE and ZEN. I need to stay away from crypto though. My timing on those is really bad because I only buy it when I hear about it from an outside sourse...by that time it is WAAAAY too late to get in on it, but I think everyone wants a piece of whatever Crypto ends up taking over for the dollar so it is hard to pass them up.
  3. Shop your home and car insurance at least once a year. Never open a hair salon. Take vitamins. Be nice to people.
  4. Since the last Investing thread I have bought about 6-7 individual stocks based on stuff I have heard. Maybe 3-4k on those, but all of our real money goes into mutual funds. We are in 17 different positions right now. Fairly diversified I think.
  5. Day trading is a different animal than investing for retirement. My goal is long haul so I put the money in and do not touch it.
  6. I do all my own investing also. When I started I put all of our money in 5 different funds that I took weeks to research. They are doing really well. Since then I take fliers on random companies here and there with a few hundred...those are up and down, but my main ones are the ones doing well.
  7. Missed the game Saturday, glad they got the win!
  8. Serving 2 purposes to the space tourism industry....one is super obvious the other is proving a 90+ year old man can go into space safely.
  9. I will give you 2 guesses, but you will only need one.
  10. Also just keep in mind this is the same guy who bet a buddy 100.00 the Lions would win more than 5 games this year....not looking that great for me.
  11. I guess I am expecting more out of Cade than most people as long as he stays healthy. I fully expect 30+ wins this year. I have not broken the schedule down as you have, but like you said they will win some they should not have and lose some they should not have. You are 100% more locked in to the current state of other teams than I am. I guess I am being overly optimistic because I would like to see them start competing for long runs in the playoffs sooner rather than later.
  12. I would imagine you should be able to just push the bar back? The neighbor on my one side has a large wooden fence that was there when we bought the house because of his dogs...the other neighbor we have nothing there at all or the back. I prefer the kind of fence you have to a full on wooden picket fence. My neighbors is looking pretty rough...I wish he would take it down.
  13. Does it happen often? We have deer in our yard, but no fence..I have considered putting a fence like the one you got there in, but never pulled the trigger.
  14. 25 wins...jeesh that is pretty bad...every team has off nights...even the really good ones.
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