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11/02/2021 07:00 EDT Milwaukee Bucks @ Detroit Pistons


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7 hours ago, buddha said:

has this been the worst debut for a #1 pick in nba history?

you can give me all the excuses you want about how he missed training camp and hasnt played, but he's been garbage.  total garbage.

he's 20, right?  it doesnt take that long to get your legs under you.

There are 2 problems.  Cade can’t shoot and they have Killian Hayes playing where Cade should be.    I think he will look much better once Troy admits defeat and ends the Hayes experiment.  Most NBA 1st rounders are busts or role players anyway so I’m not sure why it’s a big deal to move on.  

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28 minutes ago, Betrayer said:

And yet Hayes has actually been showing sign of life. 

My concern with Cade is the same as it’s always been - athleticism. You have to be a truly great shooter to overcome the lack of it. So hopefully 2-14 is an anomaly. 

this is how i feel too.

its how i feel about the whole team.  they dont have nba level uber athletes and it makes it hard for them to get offense.

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Right, people will point to Trae or Luka. But let's be honest, Trae has explosive speed even though he's not an above the rim athlete. He can get by his man and disrupt an offense or hit the shot if you back off. Not sure I see Cade having that kind of first step.

That leaves Luka, which is obviously what everyone is hoping for. But part of what makes Luka so intriguing is the fact that he's the extremely rare player that is dominant despite the lack of athleticism, which bucks the norm (Lebron, KD, Davis, Wade, Jordan, Kobe, Kawhi, on and on).

So, we're not only hoping for Cade to be a superstar, but to do so in a way that is very rarely achieved.

Problem is, you can't teach athleticism like you can teach shooting, so he really has limited ways to become a superstar.  Can he become a generational shot maker like Curry? A multi-faceted talent like Luka? Those are your options.

And that's why shooting like last night scares the fan base so much because everything is riding on that aspect of his game.

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I didn't watch the Milwaukee game but from what I saw in the Orlando game I think Cade will be fine. He had no problems getting off good shots but they just weren't falling. I suspect he didnt magically forget how to shoot so I chalk it up to nerves and just a bad shooting stretch like the whole team is going through.

It happens to almost everybody but unfortunately for Cade and the Pistons it is happening at the start of the season so it is that much more magnified. 

I don't expect the team to be the Warriors in terms of shooting but there is no way they are a true 38/20/62 percentage team like they are shooting now. That is bound to correct itself and things will start to look better for the team. 

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