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3/1/24 7:00PM EDT Cleveland Cavaliers @ Detroit Pistons

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adam silver in the crowd tonight.

please save us from tom gores.  i know you won't.  what if we can make it a social justice thing?  he owns a company that takes advantage of prisoners who are mostly black.  can we use that to make him sell the team like you did with sterling?  please?

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ridiculously bad management.  again.

i wonder what adam silver thinks as he sits in a 1/3 filled arena.  a once proud franchise turned into a national joke by its drunk coked out hedge fund owner who only cares about the asset value.

can the league force him to sell?  but first he has to pay off monty williams.

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Who needs Sasser when you have Flynn running point in the second unit alongside Wiseman and Fournier?   (that was sarcasm)

Nice game from Stew and Ausar. I especially liked the part in the second half where Monty actually staggered the lineup and played Stew at backup Center a bunch. He even staggered Ivey a bit! Not coincidentally the team played better in the second half with less minutes from the 5-man bench unit.

So, 59 games to figure out how to stagger a lineup? Or was that second half an anomaly? I guess we'll find out tomorrow against Orlando.

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16 hours ago, buddha said:

the cavs are sitting their two best players and YOURE DOWN 21 POINTS IN THE THIRD QUARTER!



Is this surprising?  The Pistons suck.  Not sure if you’re new here or not.

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