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11/23/2021 07:00 EST Miami Heat @ Detroit Pistons


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So many bad players on this team.   Grant shouldn’t be on this team. He can contribute elsewhere.  No reason for him to be part of the rebuild.  But again. They have zero shooters.   All these years later.  Weaver completely turned over the roster and doubled down on the SVG plan, no shooters. 

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Cade needs to play but it's hard to say we are better with him on the court right now.  The three point shooting is killing us.   Long term, he needs to be around a 40% three point shooter to really reach his ceiling.  

I am encouraged overall though.  His makeup is outstanding and you can see why scouts have been raving about this since high school.  He is pass first, very unselfish, always plays hard, and is a team first guy that naturally leads others.  From a defensive perspective, I do think he is a better fit guarding forwards who are taller and not as quick.  Trying to guard wings who are quicker is not a great matchup for him.  And this is only going to get accentuated more as he adds much needed strength.  

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The shooting discussion is both sad and funny because in the offseason I remember quote after quote from Casey and Weaver about how everything they were doing was to get shooters.

Got rid of Mason. Added Kelly. Drafted Garza. Drafted Cade. Brought back Frank. Drafted Livers. Brought in Lyles. Literally every move was to get more shooters to the point where the team is hurting for any sort of athleticism and verticality because they doubled down on floor stretching.

And yet here we are and they're not just bad at shooting - they're historically bad. Makes you wonder how that can be possible. Coaching? Confidence? Youth? Cade would have double digit assists every night if this team could shoot, because he's finding them for open looks over and over. 

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