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A Good Walk Spoiled - The Golf Thread

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Figured it’s about time we had a thread dedicated to Golf.  Whether that’s the pro tours or everyone’s rec game.  Lots going on in this world for sure.   

The US Open starts tomorrow at Pinehurst. It looks like the USGA is back to its typical brutal Open setup after they tamed LACC last year.  Hot weather and lightning fast greens will make for difficult conditions.  Not sure how anyone matches Scottie but don’t count out Bryson.   He’s playing well and this course suits his game.   

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23 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Anyone play this course up in Roscommon? It's two courses in one. 


Interesting concept.  Looks like lots of wide fairways which suit my 23 handicap game.  

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LIV is barely a blip on the radar anymore.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last season and for sure next year if not.   It was a giant money grab that will in the long run turn out to be a win win for everyone.   The defectors will get back on tour at some point soon with a bunch more coin in their pockets.  The PGA tour was forced to make a bunch of positive changes to its model in response to LIV that probably never would’ve happened otherwise.   It probably will be the end of the Jay Monaghan era too and that’s a great thing for everyone. 

Here the same video from above from another source


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bogey-bogey-par-bogey is never a good way to finish the final 4 holes of a tournament.  But the people chanting "USA USA USA" after Rory missed the putt were complete assholes.  At the Ryder Cup that is fine but no place for it on the normal tour IMO.  

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Posted (edited)

They are all going to be working for the Saudis starting next week.    PGA/PIF agreement was reached last week but wasn’t announced out of respect to the USGA and their tournament.   

It’s been very unfortunate and unlucky for the PGA tour that since the inception of LIV all of their young stars have pretty much **** the bed.  The Ryder Cup was terrible but it’s been a horrendous two years of not winning for Justin, JT, Collin, Cantlay,  Finau, Homa, and now Rory. The entire Tiger saga has also gotten tired and old.  He can’t even make a cut.  Only Scottie and just recently Xander have had big time success and both of them have no real personality that resonates with fans.    

This tour needs to swallow pride and come back together with LIV and form a unified tour.  The game needs it badly.   

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Will be interesting going forward how today impacts Rory with fans.   

Americans respect someone that can man up and face the cameras even after crushing defeat.    Rory did just the opposite.  I personally don’t blame him at all based on how bad that ended but it wasn’t a great look declining to speak afterwards and getting caught on camera burning out of the parking lot before the trophy ceremony even ended.   I don’t even think he congratulated Bryson.    

On the other hand,  we love a good comeback story and Rory has been very popular so people may actually rally around him and show even more love.   

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