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12/31 Capitals @ Red Wings


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4 hours ago, Motor City Sonics said:

Very excited for this new season of hockey.    Oh wait, we're still in the same season.   Feels like they haven't played in a year.   

I blame Lord Stanley. 

Toronto and Ottawa just got capacity capped at 1,000 fans. Wonder if the NHL I’ll cancel or move their home games. 

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1 hour ago, lordstanley said:

Great, first Wings game in 13 days and of course it is exact same time as Michigan-Georgia. 

2 TVs, man !   Incredible post-Christmas sales going on...................git to it !


(I am surrounded by screens.  2 for my personal PC,  2 TVs,  2 for my mobile recording studio, it's like NORAS in here.......its also why I'm so fat). 

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1-1 after 2. Ok, I'm going to turn my attention to this game for the 3rd period and once that is done I'll turn back to the Michigan game and hopefully see they've cut the lead in half going into the 4th quarter.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah... I'm going to watch Midway at 10 PM instead.

I don't have ESPN+ yet so I'll just check the Wings boxscore every now and then...

The Wolverines got... nothing. Another sack against 'em...

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They look futile (UM).

Maybe I'll look at their game too during commercials but...

There's a desperate need for a quick turnaround in the 2nd half; otherwise nothing but futility is showing up in this game so... Like another dropped pass.

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7 minutes ago, 1984Echoes said:

Empty netter seals the deal... Red Wings lose... no need to check the box score any more...

you could see the air letting out of the Wings' balloon about the last third of the 2nd. Caps had better legs through the 2nd half of the game.

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