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03/17/2022 07:00 EST Detroit Pistons @ Orlando Magic


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Let's hope Cade is out again. Would be happy to see us sit CoJo, Kelly, and Grant for Saben, Garza, and Livers as well. While we're at it, maybe Pickett could use some time in place of Bey.

Even with all that, we might still win against the Magic.

Some dangerous games ahead with about half of our remaining schedule against teams who have nothing to play for by the time we meet and the Pistons playing their best basketball of the season right now: Magic, Blazers, Wizards, Knicks, Thunder, Pacers, and the last two games against the Bucks and 76ers when they will likely be locked into their playoff seed.

That's 8 of 13. Dangerous when we're only a couple of games back from slipping to the 4th lottery spot.

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Pistons pulling away for what looks like their first win after 4 straight losses... but a 7-6 record in their last 13 (if they win).

Bagley looks a little rough around the edges but... someone I'd like us to go ahead and sign in the off-season as someone to work with and develop.

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Pistons now move 1.5 up(or back depending on how you view it) of the Magic for the 2nd worst record in the league. Currently they are 1.5 back of Orlando and Houston but Houston is percentage points worse than Orlando. OKC is a 1.5 back of us in the 4th spot. We're 4 back of Indy at 5th spot so barring something crazy we should be no worse than 4th at the time of the lottery which gives you a 48.1 chance at top 4 pick and 12.5 at number 1.

For reminder the top 3 all have 52.1 at getting top 4 pick and 14% at 1.



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