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3/27 - 5PM - Red Wings at Penguins


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4 minutes ago, Motor City Sonics said:

there's only 32 NHL Head Coaching jobs,  they'll easily be able to find someone.   

finding 'someone' isn't the objective though is it? Blashill is 'someone'. You want 'the' guy. Maybe Yzerman's rep is enough to bring him here even with the team still miles away. 

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10 hours ago, buddha said:

igor will take the job.

I was going to say give Blash no more than one more year to see if he can make something out of this team, with its influx of young talent (if no other high level coach would be willing to take us on yet, at this point in our rebuild...).

But as with Buddha mentioning Igor...

Yeah, if he wants it, IMO, the job is his...

right now.

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they have more talent now than they did two years ago (in every area but goal, apparently) and the results are getting worse.

10 to toronto.  9 to arizona.  11 to pittsburgh.

whatever blashill is selling isnt being bought.  the only way i can see him staying if is yzerman has told blashill that he wants the wings to play a more open style of play, results be damned.  if that's the case, then maybe he stays?  seider and raymond have gotten better under blashill, larkin is having his best season.  bert has played well.  and perhaps yzerman thinks the talent on the team is so bad that it doesnt matter who the coach is?

that said, i dont know how he survives this season end.  they've been 100% embarassed routinely in the last month.  not just beaten, but embarrassed.

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Playoff hockey teams are made more from the quality of their 2nd and 3rd pairing blueliners and offensive lines than the top line stars.   That is the great differentiator these days.   The Wings are still far behind but they have the right guy making personnel decisions and it shouldn’t take too much longer.   He can get them back in 2 years.  

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2 hours ago, buddha said:

they have more talent now than they did two years ago (in every area but goal, apparently) and the results are getting worse.

Do they? Guys like Kronwall, Mantha and Anathasiou and Glendening were limited but did provide some kind of talent floor. in Glendening's and Kronwalls cases esp there were getting old so they were getting worse but they still haven't been replace by players better than they were before they aged out. DeKeyser is terrible but he wasn't before he was hurt. You've get Sieder, Bert, Vrana, Larkin. The whole rest of the roster is still minor league unless the two new guys start to show something different.

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I think the roster is improving quickly and will so again before we start next season.

The issue in my mind is what can Steve do about the coaching?

A) Blash is losing the team so badly that he MUST be replaced?

B) We are not yet at the stage where we can find a premium coach willing to take on this team and therefore, by default we are stuck with Blash for at least one more year?

C) A premium coach IS interested in jumping to the Red Wings, this offseason, and therefore Steve is able to make the coaching change that he wants (whether that's Larionov or someone else... just saying...)?

D) Steve actually believes that Blash is the right coach for this team, right now, and sticks with him. At least for one more year?

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