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3/30 - 7:30PM - Rangers at Red Wings


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The overtime goal exactly encapsulates the Wings' problems. Sutter, who is billed as near the top of their second talent  tier with Fabbri and probably after Vrana didn't/couldn't get back down the ice fast enough then didn't find or engage his man when he did get there. The talent drop off when Larkin, Raymond and Seider, who are good enough to regularly dominate play at 3 on 3 against all comers,  leave the ice is just so huge. You need your second tier talent to at least be effective checkers that can hold serve even if they are not gifted scorers themselves (the obvious past model being Drapes/McCarty/Maltby). For Wings that is maybe Bertuzzi, then crickets.

Still, they played a decent game overall last night. If Blashill can keep them at last night's level the rest of the way maybe he can be forgiven this month's blowouts.....

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rangers played the night before in pittsburgh, that probably helped the wings.  plus they are a much better team at home usually.

suter is like most of their players outside of larkin, bert, raymond, seider and vrana: a borderline third line guy.  

i'd like to see what a different coaching staff could do with zadina/ras/veleno.

i know they probably shouldnt go spending on a center for next year given they will likely still be bad, but they desperately need a legitimate #1A/#2 center behind larkin.  someone to be on a line with vrana and use his scoring speed and shot.  hertel is off the market now and i dont know who else fits the bill.  trocheck?  domi?

sigh.  were gonna suck next year too, arent we?

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The Rangers were just bigger and stronger...

It seemed the Red Wings almost to a man, outside of Mo, Bert & Larkin, were getting bumped off the puck. One little bump, Rangers steal the puck...

And the inverse... every Ranger was able to keep a trailing Red Wing on their hip, with zero chance of getting bumped off the puck. No checks, no bumps, can't reach with the stick to try and steal the puck against a bigger, stronger skater...

It was quite noticeable, at least to me.

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Interesting that Blashill had props for DeKeyser. Obvious Danny can't sustain playing regularly anymore, but when he comes back from rest, like he did at the end of last season, he's still one of their better D men. His play at the end of last season had me hoping he would be better this season, but clearly his physical condition is such that he runs down until he is a liability and needs time off and rehab to get back. Not a sustainable situation for a player but another case where the Wings are losing/have effectively lost a player that had a talent level they are not able (or willing for now) to replace.

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