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Lions vs Ravens - 9/26/21 - 1:00pm - CBS


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Just now, Motown Bombers said:

Goff has taken his shots deep. If they aren't open downfield and you keep chucking it downfield, you end up with plays like this last one by the Ravens. 

I agree that he has taken some shots downfield.

But very few completions downfield (we are probably at the bottom for "explosion" (more than 20 yards) receiving plays, without actually checking that...).

Check down Charlie doesn't mean that he isn't taking some shots downfield but, rather, that the check downs are so overwhelming that it is indicative of (a) lacking receivers, (b) QB lacking either arm strength or downfield accuracy or both, or (c) both a WR & QB problem.

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PS: I haven't seen enough of Goff to determine if he is a solution or not. What I have seen tells me he's good enough for at least this year and the next couple, but uncertain if he is "the guy" to get us to a Super Bowl. I mean, he's already done it. And I'm not against him. In fact, I've seen a lot of good, and very little bad.

You may very well be right in that all of these check downs are for receivers who are not, or can't, get open enough to take those downfield shots. Or it's a confidence issue in his WR's to win those downfield battles and come down with the ball versus losing out to INT's...

I would say that I haven't seen enough to make a good judgement call on what he actually is for us... 

But there are quite a lot of check downs there...

I'm still giving him a vote of confidence even despite that...

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