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House of the Dragon... GOT Dragon?


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I am a little concerned about this show because George RR Martin is involved.  Mainstream success seems to have turned him into a complete train wreck.   Weiss & Benioff cut him off from GOT for a reason and were smart to do so.  I won’t shock me if this series ends up going off the rails in a few seasons or if Martin gets canned again. 

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That Rhaenyra faced down Daemon was pretty impressive.

But after Viserys's ill-advised and emotional move...

Corlys Velaryon ran straight to Daemon...

No blow ups yet but we can see where everything is headed...

Martin's mantra is to always expect the unexpected so... it'll be interesting to see what wrenches get tossed into the works as the season develops...


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Rhetorical question, but I wanted to ask for comments:


It seems to me that the simple solution to the succession question is: Why didn't King Viserys propose a marriage between Laenor, Corlys Velaryon's son, and Rhaenyra? It combines the two houses, makes Corlys's son the future king, continues his lineage through Rhaenyra, those two are age appropriate, and allows him to marry whomever he wants to, or not. He isn't forced to marry a 12 year old (how old is he there...? 60-something?), doesn't turn to Rhaenrya's best friend Alicent, who also looks 15 (but is 9 years older in the book...? They look the same age... maybe 1 or 2 years older but...)

So I could ask what am I missing...? It just makes too much sense. But I already know the answer:

So much sense that I think this is Martin the Creative Writer Nonsense. He's just tossing a wrench into the machinery, even if it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever... just 'cause he loves to do that. That's it. So I already know what happens that starts the downfall of the Targaryens but... I don't want to put that here at this point...

But the one above (handling the succession) just annoys me.

Don't get me started on the last episode of GOT. Another senseless...

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Don't want to declare yet... 

But definitely Milly is doing good... I was starting to lose faith with all the petulance but stabbing the boar to death has renewed my faith in her... which says nothing about her acting ability but the plot/ character arc was starting to drag me down/ the boar fight (and her acting) and a glimpse of the white hart brought me back up.

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