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12/28/2022 7:00 EST Orlando Magic vs Detroit Pistons


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Nice first half.

Finally held a team under 60. Hami played really well off the bench on both sides of the court. Bey had it going with 16 in the second. Duren with 10 rebounds already. 

And then a little scuffle after a Mo Wagner cheap shot checking Killian into the Piston bench. Orlando cleared their bench, so expect some suspensions coming for them from the league. Hami and Killian went back at Wagner. Killian dropped a forearm on the back of Wagners neck. All three got ejected. 

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1 hour ago, 1984Echoes said:

I'm OK with Bey and Burks bringing fire off the bench. I think this is Bey's role in the league.

OK with Duren being a beast on the boards - 18 for the game - as well...

Duren always around the ball setting screens and punching loose ball rebounds out to the perimeter on offense as well. Going to be fun watching him grow. Looking like a much better pick than Ivey so far.

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12 hours ago, Deleterious said:

Cheap shot from Mo.  But Killian is a bitch for not only hitting someone in the back of the head, but using his elbow, not even a punch.  What a twat.  He should get 10 games IMO.  Hitting someone in the back of the head is really dangerous.  

The retaliation was cheap and embarrassing, no question.

A small part of me wonders if Wagner’s move was intentional or klutzy and looked worse than it was.  Regardless, it didn’t look good.

It’ll be easy for the league to suspend Magic players for leaving the bench.  What will be interesting is how it might apply suspensions to the Piston bench.  It’s easy to say they didn’t leave the bench because that’s where the skirmish was.  However, will they look for a certain level of hostile participation?  It didn’t appear there was anything egregious outside of the 3 participants, but who knows what the league will see.

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Duren is active around the rim in a  way on Andre Drummond never was...so he has more value.  I'm excited to see how his game develops.

Bitch move by Wagner begat a bitch move by Killian.  At least Hayes reacted to getting hit with a cheap shot...maybe he's becoming more of an NBA player


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