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If Harbaugh leaves............then who?

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I feel like it's only a matter of days before something happens.   Right after Black Monday. 


I guess he'll only go to place where he doesn't have to interview.    Miami and Indy are the top two in that regard.  


I think the #1 candidate to replace him would be Mike Macdonald, 35.    


Others of interest

Matt Campbell, Iowa State HC, 43 years old

Dan Lanning, DC at Georgia  36 

Todd Monken, Georgia OC,  58

Tony Elliott, Virginia HC,  43

Bill O'Brien,  Former Penn State coach, 53

Dave Aranda, Baylor Head Coach, 46 

P.J. Fleck, Minnesota  42

Graham Harrell,  Purdue OC, 37

Mark Stoops, Kentucky Head Coach, 55 

Kliff Kingsbury, Soon to be former Arizona Cardinals Coach, 43

Jesse Minter, Michigan DC

Mike Hart, Michigan Run Game Coordinator

Scott Frost, former Neb.........just kidding



Other names.......please.  


and no, Urban Meyer will not be offered the job.  

And I don't think it has to be a "Michigan Man" this time.   



A couple things on Mike Macdonald.  

Why doesn't he capitalize the first D? 

And if I hear Yah Mo Be There one more time I'm gonna Yah Mo burn this place to the ground.  


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19 minutes ago, MichiganCardinal said:

I think they’d take the easy way out and promote from within. Cross their fingers and hope it’s the system not the man.

I don’t think they have anyone there that’s ready right now.  If they won the natty and had everyone back then I could see them taking a shot to keep it intact.  Hart, Moore, and Weiss all need more seasoning. 

I like PJ Fleck and would love to see what he could do at a blue blood. I don’t think he’s leaving right now.  I know he gives off douchey vibes but the guy connects with college kids and really can coach.   

I think Aranda is a much better option than McDonald if they are thinking defense.  He’s a proven builder and winner as a head coach.   McDonald can’t say this yet.  He’s got some more experience to gather before he’s ready to be Michigan head coach.  


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7 minutes ago, MichiganCardinal said:

Maybe they just say screw it and give Jay Harbaugh the job.

I don't know if he eats breakfast cereal with Gatorade.   How can you trust that?  

I still think Matt Campbell is high up there, despite the bad year.  Iowa State is not exactly a football mecca.  

O'Brien.  I don't know...........I think they would want to go younger.  

Promoting from within - that's the Mike Macdonald angle.  He's not there now, but he part of the family and connected to both Harbaugh brothers.  That makes him the inside guy in this scenario since they really have nobody else ready to step into that.   If Mike Hart was an OC, I'd say maybe.  Plus there might be a health issue.    If Michigan hadn't gotten thrashed by TCU so badly, Minter might be okay, but, no,  probably not now.  


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more reporting today on the Ticket that Harbaugh now has an interview with the Broncos. You have to assume he wants to get out of Dodge in a pretty serious way to want into that train wreck. Additional reportage that he also tried to talk to the Panthers but they weren't interested.


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almost guaranteeing that Harbaugh leaves, I donated to the Valiant "one more year fund".

I bought a Saturn and Oldsmobile and killed both car companies.  My purchase of a Lincoln car ended the production of Lincoln cars.  I purchased the last gasoline sedan Cadillac will make.  For now both car brands still exist but I assume both are on borrowed time.  I got heavily invested in minidiscs and that format died.   I'm basically, death for certain products. 

So, I apologize for the mayhem my donation will cause.

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1 hour ago, buddha said:

harbaugh should have his pick of jobs if he wants one.  again, if he was gung ho to leave last year i'm not sure why he wouldnt leave this year.

Maybe. There seems to be a fair amount of reporting that word around the league is that he was too off the wall in the Vikings interview - that could put him off the table for some ownerships.

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