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  1. I deleted the post and edited the other. My apologies that it sounded too much like a person attack which was not my intention.
  2. If he has such a great team then why does he have so few accomplishments if any at all? The country is the worst place its ever been. With inflation, open borders, crime, on the verge of WWIII and the overall moral decline of this nation thanks to his anti-American policies. If Biden and his team's goal was to bring America to its knees he is an overwhelming success. Biden has the lowest polling numbers of any POTUS. His party knew he was a terrible candidate that's why they made him bulletproof in office. As bad as Slo Joe is, Harris is even more worthless. Nobody would ever consider impeaching Biden with that dolt as a successor.
  3. Sounds like we're dealing with the same issue investigating the Biden corruption and bribery charges. By the time the FBI actially investigate all the bribery allegations Slo Joe would be long gone. Heck, he's probably not mentally competent to stand trial today.
  4. We're giving millions of illegals coming across the southern border billions of dollars in taxpayer money. I don't see you complaining about that. They're not paying taxes either.
  5. It would be political suicide if anyone cut SS or MC. My point is that McCarthy didnt say that but Biden is on record several times saying he would look at cuts. Biden is much bigger concern to this country and its citizens than McCarthy.
  6. It’s not taking Biden out of context. Videos of him saying this are all over YouTube along with him saying we need a wall built on the border and other good sound bites. What is being taken out of context is McCarthy.
  7. You guys are trying to make up your own facts by saying McCarthy is going after SS and Medicare. Again, he doesn’t say that and you are trying to start a fear over nothing. There is plenty of garbage programs in the budget to cut like green deals for electric cars that aren’t feasible and aid for people illegally in the US. If you really are worried about SS and Medicare here is a video of the guy you should be worried about and another liberal is pointing it out for you. He also points out what a liar Biden is.
  8. I don’t know about today but I think A. Meadows was in the dugout last night. Maybe a good sign?
  9. I don’t think Trump will be the nominee. Most of you here think he already has it wrapped up but I don’t think its the case. Dems want him to win and I think a lot of dems will run election interference and vote for Trump in the Primary’s. I think DeSantis and Scott will be the main contenders but who knows. Christie and Pence are supposed to be in but they are a waste of people’s money. Neither are good or viable candidates. A good campaign can win a lot of voters back. A lot of voters are low information people that go off rumor and bad information. My parents were like until I explained to them not to listen to just one side and get the whole picture. It all came to a head with them when they said they had to vote for Hillary or they would lose their health care. Dems like scare tactics and not facts. Also the “Only Trump” voters need to see the big picture. 2024 is all about one thing and that is winning. Republicans need to nominate the best candidate to win. Trump divides the party and turns supporters off so he loses too many votes. That’s why dems want him to be the nominee. He might be the only candidate that Biden can beat.
  10. You guys are assuming all the people that voted for Slo Joe in 2020 will vote for him again. A lot of people won't support him and some dems don't want him to run. His term so far can only be considered by people not wearing blinders as a disaster. Inflation out of control, cost of goods skyrocketing, open borders, Afghanistan pullout debacle and the list goes on and on. Even his VP is terrible and brings nothing to the table. The only people who benefited from his term besides his family are people illegally in the country and they are not supposed to vote. At least Jimmy Carter can go to his grave knowing he is only the second worst POTUS in history now that Bejing Biden has the top spot.
  11. I listened to this twice and nowhere did McCarthy say anything about SS or Medicare. This guy is posting BS to rile up the people that can't think for themselves. I would be more worried about Slo Joe cutting SS and medicare because he is on record saying he thinks they should be cut.
  12. I knew someone here would finally get it. Congrats on being the first 😀
  13. Wentz didn't take a loss. Giving up only one run is a small victory.
  14. That girl that gave the speech at her law school grad wasn't white and her speech was one of the most racist and hate filled I've seen in a long while.
  15. Hopefully Wentz can find something today but seeing him as SP it feels like a forfeit
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