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2023 Panthers Game Days Thread


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Probably not necessary to have individual thread for each game.

Anyone watching today?  Panthers started out hot, then Houston poured it on for a while.  A near pick-6 down to the 2 yard line got the Panthers back into the game.  They punched it and are now leading mid-3rd qtr by 3 points.

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Good question... I managed to find a roster from CBS Sports from just before the 2022 and 2023 season.  Imported them into excel and did a quick lookup.  Of the current 53 man roster there are 14 players returning from last year.  Given how poorly the Panthers did last year that probably makes sense.

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Flipping through the channels and I just came across the game on NBC. Just got to halftime and the Panthers are down 13-3, I don't know how it compares to other stadiums but it seems like a half way decent crowd down at Ford Field from what I can tell. I was afraid it was gonna look like the sporting events during the pandemic.

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8 minutes ago, RandyMarsh said:

I can't believe I never noticed those LED boards on the columns on the one side of the field at Ford Field. When did they put those on them? I haven't been down there since 2016 and I know they weren't there then.

Just googled it and apparently they installed them in 2017, I have no idea how I am just now noticing it. Maybe because it blended in more with a packed stadium of blue apparel or Im just not very observant. I'm leaning towards the latter. 

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On 5/6/2023 at 10:08 PM, RandyMarsh said:

Welp this one is over, 30-10 now. I think Love has turned it over more this game at Ford Field than Goff did all season there. 

It's a shame because the Panthers really looked good in their first two games this season... then they come home to play and Ford Field and lay two eggs.  Disappointing and not a great way to build up the fan base.

I had better hopes for this one because in the first two games they were definitely a slow start, but strong finish team.  Points by quarter this year:

1: 9
2: 23
3: 17
4: 27

Last week they got down by a lot early on and never recovered. This week they were keeping it closer to start off but the offense never got going at all.

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Another ugly loss for the boys in burgundy. The season started out so well, but they're now 2-3 including 0-3 at Ford Field. Not a good way to build the fan base. Somewhat in defense of the Panthers, I thought the officiating in this game was down right horrible. I saw lots of holds that went uncalled. Heck there was a spot where well after the play one of the Maulers smacked a Panther on the helmet... not quite a punch, but dang close to it. The ref was 5 feet away, looking right at it and did nothing. Then of course the Panther player was an absolute idiot because he went up to the other guy and spit on him... which the ref saw.

They have two more games at home... this week Saturday and then to finish up the season on June 18th.  This week is again the Birmingham Stallions, who were last years Champs and are 3-2 so far this year.  Given how horrible the OL has played these last few games I'd be pretty surprised if they pull out a win next week. That leaves the last game of the season as their only likely hope for a win at Ford Field. At least it's against the Stars who are all bad (2-3) and whom they've already beat.

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On 6/18/2023 at 10:08 PM, jz68 said:

Somehow, the Panthers just made the playoffs.   

I was at the game!  Surprise Father's Day gift from my son.  We had a lot of fun.

The Panthers are NOT a good team, but fortunately no one in the USFL North is a good team so they did just enough to get into the playoffs. Not a single team in the north has even a .500 record, while no team in the south has a losing record. So the Maulers and the Panthers (both 4-6) will be in the playoffs will the Gamblers and Showboats (both 5-5) stay home.

I'm not expecting the Panthers to do much... they lost both games to the Maulers this season. But who knows?  Maybe they'll make a run. Their OL still sucks.  They have no running game. They got only 84 yards on the ground and more than half of that (48) came from the QB on play-fakes where he ran instead of passing. Still, a win is a win and I'll take it! Their first win at Ford Field too.

Playoff game is on Saturday, 8:00 in Canton, OH. Looks like it'll be on NBC.

mp - Copy.png

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