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NBA Info - October 2023


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Boston desperately needed to add a PG.  Tatum is not a good creator for others and you cant go another playoff year where Brown turns it over 6 times a game.  Holiday can fill that role and he shoots well while playing elite defense on the perimeter.  

Boston has a nice lineup 1-5 but not a lot of depth, especially at C.  They just signed Wenyen Gabriel to a deal but maybe they are looking for someone else and Detroit could push Bagley off on them.

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Portland did stellar work to get that haul for an older, disgruntled player. 3 1sts with two unprotected and those late 2020s pick swaps could be really valuable, not to mention two good young bigs with varying skillsets and Brogdon could net another asset.

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15 hours ago, Betrayer said:

Portland figured it out. Trade for a vet and some assets, then move the vet for another vet and some assets, and repeat. 

Meanwhile Pistons still sitting on Bogie as if he’s part of the rebuild.

Difference being that Lillard and Holiday had value while Bogey likely has very little. I don't think Weaver values 2nds or whatever crap is likely available for Bogey over his scoring and long range shooting to fit in with a young core for a year in which they're trying to take a step towards respectability. 

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4 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

Just once Id like to see these diva stars get traded to a place that they don't want to go to.

I know it will never happen cause nobody will trade for a guy unless they know they want to be there but it sure would be nice to see. 

like detroit?

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Sort of ironic.  Each of those guys probably benefits from the other guarding them.  Last year in France, Victor struggled when the well built 6'8" guys were guarding him.  Those types (think Stewart, Morris twins, etc) could out muscle him and really keep him from getting to his spot.  A beanpole like Chet can't do that.  I would guess the reverse is also true.


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