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10/28/2023 7:00 EDT Detroit Pistons vs Chicago Bulls


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bulls got blown out in game one and then had a players only meeting.  one game into the season.  lol.

and then went to overtime to beat the soft as a pillow raptors.

the bulls are exactly the same team they were last year (and the year before that).  derozan and lavine are ball stopping scorers.  vucevic is an immobile big whose shot has become less reliable but still pours in 15 and 10 every game.  he's also tired of watching lavine and derozan go one on one all night, every night.  they had a big shouting match on opening night.

coby white is the latest point guard to play now that lonzo ball has been injured for three straight seasons.  he's increased his playmaking abilities and improved his shot.  he's still small and should be able to be beaten by detroit's bigger guards.  caruso is the other guard and is a great defender/pest until he inevitably gets hurt and misses two months.

the bench is ok.  headed by old friend andre drummond and ayo donsumno.  torey craig has been good this year on that unit.

all in all, the bulls are a team that can beat you if lavine and derozan are on.  if they're not, the bulls are awful.  and lavine and derozan dont play much defense most of the time.

i suspect caruso guards cade.  it would be nice to see ivey play to take advantage of coby's lack of size (caveat, coby is better at defense this year, but he still isnt great). as we know, killian cant score on anyone.

up front, stew and duren should be able to run circles around the bulls' frontcourt, but vuc is a wiley vet and if he's hitting his shots he might get to duren.  duren should kill him on the boards and in pick and rolls wirh cade.

ausar on derozan will be a good test for the rookie.  nobody seems to be falling for derozan's 5 million pump fakes anymore so we'll see if ausar can read a scouting report and control his impulses to try to block everything.  derozan doesnt run or pay attention on d so look for ausar in transition or sneaking in the backdoor.

i think the pistons can win this game unless lavine goes off for 40 like he occasionally does.  on the second half of a back to back/3 in 4 nights and on the road?  probably not.

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