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January 2024 Game Threads

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13 minutes ago, lordstanley said:

Sharks may have just tied it at 1 late in 1st. Play is under review but I think it is a flukey but valid goal. 


Almost had the lead as Matta gets his jock handed to him by Hoffman but the shot doesn't quite trickle in.

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good to win but the team D is just deteriorating by the night. Lalonde needs to start singing them a new song or something.

I hope these guys realize they are playing themselves itself into another big deadline firesale by Yzerman.

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56 minutes ago, motownblues said:

I just don't see any improvement under Lalonde.

IDK. They play a much different game under Lalonde - potentially a better style IMO, but they seem to be getting sloppier whereas Blashill's team's mostly just seemed outclassed all over the ice. 

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The first LA goal is typical. Either Ras or Holl could have stayed in front of the man but they both let him go by, so Maata is forced to leave the net to pick him up and Veleno doesn't pick the man in front when Maata vacates. Kings didn't have an odd man rush but the Wings effectively played it into one.

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