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What's YOUR plan?

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Last chance before it all kicks off at the draft tonight. We all love to sit back and criticize what this organization does (and for good reason), but what's YOUR plan for the off-season?

Based upon what I heard from Langdon at the press conference, here's what I'm thinking:

COACH: I'm doing whatever I can to bring Chris Quinn in here. They talked about building a culture of accountability and a foundation for winning. That guy has seen it and hopefully absorbed it all from Spo and the Heat organization.

DRAFT: Trade down with Memphis (Clingan), San Antonio, or Portland for their pick and a future asset. Draft Devin Carter.

TRADE 1: Take on Capella's remaining year (22M) from the Hawks in exchange for a future asset. Gives you a rim protector and someone that Duren can learn from.

TRADE 2: Take on Wiggins' salary (~28M/2yr+1 player option) from the Warriors for future assets. Buy low on a solid forward who can space the court and defend to help you improve in the short term.

TRADE 3: If Ivey wasn't in any of the above trades, you probably still need to move him for future assets.

FREE AGENCY 1: You have about 15M-18M left after absorbing those contracts. Go get a veteran 3 and D wing like KCP, Trent Jr, Bruce Brown, etc. Another option here is, if you believe in Grimes as your future KCP, just keep him and use that 15-18M to absorb another contract like THJ for more future assets.

FREE AGENCY 2: You can re-sign Fontecchio after all of that since you own his rights. Do so.

DUREN: You can decide Duren's fate closer to the deadline. Maybe by mid-season he's starting again if he develops his defense. Maybe he's on the trade block. Either way, you've moved him to more of a developmental role and limited your worry about having to extend him for big money.

PG - Cade, Carter
SG - KCP (or THJ/Grimes), Carter
SF - Wiggins, Ausar
PF - Tek, Stewart
C -  Capella, Duren, Stewart

YEAR ONE: You've added shooting, defense, vets who can play, and created a roster that makes sense on the court. Other than Cade, your youngsters are developing off the bench and not relied upon as heavily. Hopefully, you've also added a better coach. This is a 28-32 win team in the East, just outside of the play-in. You've shown improvement and gained about 5 future assets, while still getting a good pick in the 2025 draft.

-Option 1: If Cade (and the other youngsters) are developing into something special, you're now fighting for a play-in spot. At the trade deadline or during the off-season, you start exploring trades to use the assets you've accumulated and Wiggins expiring contract to bring in a second star.
-Option 2: If Cade (and others) didn't develop as you'd hoped, then you've got a head start on the rebuild. You don't have any long term contracts besides Cade and you've already started accumulating draft assets for the future.

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One point about Fontecchio.  He came into the league as a free agent.  That means we do not have his full Bird rights, we have his Early Bird rights.  That means we are limited on how far over the cap we can go with him.  We can offer him 175% of last years salary or the average NBA salary, whichever is greater.  He made just over $3M last year and the avg salary is $9.6M so he will be offered that.  So anything over $9.6 will have to be cap space.  So whatever he signs for minus $9.6M and whatever is left will have to be raw cap space.

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It would depend on my directions from Gores.  Playoffs ASAP I probably go sign Claxton and Bridges.  

Ivey - I keep Ivey unless someone approaches me with a sweetheart of a deal.  I saw a lot of things his first year that I liked.  Plus his value will be really low after last year, so bad time to move him.

Duren - Bare minimum he has to be a backup.  Preferably traded.

Ausar - I love this kid.  Definitely keeping him and seeing what Vinson can do with him.

So you are:

Cade/Need a backup





No clue on the draft.  Nobody really sticks out to me.

No strong opinions on the coach.  But I do think it will end up being Boreggo from NO.

If Cade continues his growth and Ivey bounces back, that team could be looking at a playin situation.  I mean everything would have to fall just right with injuries, but its possible.

If Gores gives me a 5 year rebuild window, I shop Cade.  If someone offers a package with two 2025 picks in it, take it.  They won't be unprotected, but its a deep draft so that is OK.  Tank for another top 5 pick which should net you a star type player.  

I look to trade everyone else at this point.  Possibly keep Thompson.  


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i wonder what they could realistically get for cade?

bridges got so many picks because he's a really good player and his contract isnt crazy.  cade will be better than bridges but his contract is about to be a max, so maybe not as many picks/pick swaps as we might imagine.

but there's no way theyre trading him unless he wont sign the max extension and wants out.

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Something to consider on the Bridges trade.

That Knicks team is good and young.  The Knicks can afford to be in luxury tax hell more than anyone outside of maybe the Lakers.  Most of those picks were the Knicks own picks.  So if they stay good for the next 5-6 years you are looking at picking 25-30 every year.  

Brooklyn really needs NYK to implode after a few years and those unprotected picks in 29 and 31 become a lot more valuable.  

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Nice thoughts Betrayer and a whole lot of sin-eating haha but I like the idea.

I'll keep mine fairly simple. I'm trading down in this draft with hopeful future draft assets included assuming that Clingan is the guy teams are coveting.

I wouldn't trade Ivey or Duren yet, I'd like to see them under a new (hopefully competent) coach before shipping them out plus I'm not sure how much value either one has currently.

Don't trade Cade under any circumstance. It's stupid to even suggest.

Add two way vets, no more of the Bogeys and Burks of the world who have no idea about the defensive end. I'd also target players that might be due for a breakout or on an upward trend, Naji Marshall although he's not that young anymore. Tyus Jones although not that young either. More guys like Fontecchio who aren't that expensive to acquire but have potential to flourish with more opportunity, Grimes was also a good gamble. 

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1 hour ago, NYLion said:

I wouldn't trade Ivey or Duren yet, I'd like to see them under a new (hopefully competent) coach before shipping them out plus I'm not sure how much value either one has currently.

I guess it depends upon the trade.  I would like to see what the new coach can do for their development.  Maybe the way I am looking at them is, I wouldn't necessarily look to move them, but they are available for potential (draft picks, young players).

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To me Duren has no use for this team, not writing him off as a player in general cause he could turn out fine but I view him more as a complimentary piece that isn't going to make a bad team any better. By the time we are competitive(if that ever happens) he will be expensive and not worth the money. 

Ivey I'm a little more bullish on cause he has shown flashes but you can't ignore the lack of lateral athleticism, so if you don't think he could be a quality number 2 or high end 3 on a playoff team than no point in keeping him either. imo

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7 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

What is the going rate for a center that has 3 feet range and plays some of the worst defense in the league?

Depends on how much influence Troy Weaver has with his new Wizards job. 

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1 hour ago, RandyMarsh said:

Depends on how much influence Troy Weaver has with his new Wizards job. 

I know you're joking, but there's a lot of truth here.

Much like Weaver with Wiseman, I'm sure there are a lot of GMs who had Duren and Ivey very high on their draft board and still see the potential. It actually helps that Pistons organization has been a joke because they might think they can unlock those young players in a better system. The farther you get from the draft, the more the shine of "potential" wears off.

Langdon has to ask himself if he sees the long term fit of these players. If not, and you reduce their role this season, then their value only goes down from here. Plus, you have to deal with their contracts or you have to convince another team to deal with it on a shorter timeline.

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My plan - Pay all the best free agents as much money as possible for 1 year contracts. 1 month into season, no matter what our record is, trade them all for picks next year. Tank to get a high draft pick next year, then buy whatever free agents are in the market next year to suppliment 3-4 1st rounders next year and whoever else we kept. Rebuild over......  What's wrong w/ this plan?

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