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12/10 Red Wings @ Avalanche


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1 hour ago, Motor City Sonics said:

I think this is where Tyler Bertuzzi's selfishness is starting to really hurt the team.   The only guy left in the NHL.    Next time he blows out a knee or separates his shoulder is he going to Joe Rogan to get it fixed?  

Meh, Bertuzzi is one of dozens who have tested positive this season, he’s not that special in that regard. 

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I have tuned out then back in about four times at this point.  The game is a bit intriguing because the Avalanche are a fun team, but it is also rough to watch the Wings make some of these plays.

Also I thought Osgood was wrong on his Zadina criticism on the one goal, but I also don't know what kind of faceoff sets the Wings run.  Erne was lined up on the inside on the circle so I would figure he's supposed to stay in front of the net to defend and Zadina, who was lined up on the outside to the slot, was supposed to go to the point guy... but I am probably way off.  Either way Zadina, Erne, and Hronek looked like crap on that play it was quite sad.

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15 minutes ago, buddha said:

when we talk about making the playoffs, this will be what happens.  a four or five game series where we get obliterated.

Should they make the playoffs they should be a better team with Vrana and Bertuzzi  ( and maybe Berggren) than what we see right now. So maybe a 4 or 5 game series where they lose close twice. :classic_dry:

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1 hour ago, gehringer_2 said:

... they should be a better team with Vrana and Bertuzzi  ( and maybe Berggren) ...

I'm waiting to see that.

Also, does Edvinsson make the team next year? Or at least 50/50 between Detroit & Grand Rapids?

Niederbach, Soderblom soon thereafter?

The rebuild keeps getting more and more interesting as we move along...

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