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03/31/2022 07:00 EDT Philadelphia 76ers @ Detroit Pistons


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It's hard not to be excited about this team going forward. They've been close to having a really good record since the All Star break. I said previously that they're a few pieces away from contending for a play in next season but I don't know, they could be even better than that if Weaver has a good offseason. All arrows are pointing up with this group.

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Not the best outcome for tank purposes but really I don't mind that much, it's nice to see this team continue to play better and close out a quality opponent.  Even if we win out the worst we can finish is 5th and that would take Indy losing all their games so more than likely the worst we'll finish is 4th.

In a draft like this that's not the worst thing in the world so I'm just going to continue to root for them to play the best they can this last week or so, if they somehow manage to win all of them so be it.  

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Looking back at the results, in the 58 games pre ASB we had between 16 or 17 where you can say we were blown out, by that I'm saying trailing by either 20+ heading into the 4th or 15+ with like 6 minutes to go, in the 19 games since we've had zero. From going at a rate of about 1 in 4 games to 19 straight without one is quite a remarkable turnaround.  That is of course just one of many stats that illustrates how much better we've been playing.

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On top of coming into the league young I saw that this was just Killian's 82nd career game so perhaps there is still time to salvage something out of him. I have a hard time seeing him ever becoming a player that some may have hoped for when we drafted him but that doesn't mean he can't be of some use to us going forward and not end up being a total bust. 

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Such a fun game to watch if you turn off the tank filter. Great to see how they've been playing lately, with the young guys leading the way. Cade has been on a roll, Killian showing signs of becoming a nice bench piece, and Bey continues to play well.

Bagley may have gotten injured on that play where Embiid hit him from behind while going for a fast break dunk, so hopefully he's alright.

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