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12/16/2022 7:00 EST Sacramento Kings vs Detroit Pistons


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9 minutes ago, buddha said:

the pistons won that game 113-106.

playing for the kings that night was former pistons #1 pick jimmy walker, who would become more well known later in life as the father of jalen rose.

That's good stuff.  I never thought to check the box score.

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12 minutes ago, buddha said:

$6 im 1974 is $36 today.  pretty cheap for a ticket.

Yes, it does seem cheap.  But, along with inflation, add in the growth of the game over time from then to now.  Tickets for tonight range from $14/each to $2,250 for a pair along the baseline (where if you are lucky, Drunk Uncle Tom Gores might spill a drink on you..... if he shows up).

Such a primitive box score then:


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52 minutes ago, 1984Echoes said:

Good loss.

Buddha... I'm reading that as, since he got the surgery, that he will be back around May-ish able to work out and get back into basketball shape... that's more than 12 weeks from now...

correct, the theory is that with surgery he should be good to go next year.

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1 hour ago, Betrayer said:

Rodney McGruder had the same surgery and was one of the few to come back in the same season, but in reality Cade wouldn't be eligible to come back unless we made it to the Finals. Either way, everything I've heard says that he'll be back long before training camp next season.

If there were no complications, in most cases a civilian would just take a break from the activity that causes the problem and give it a year to heal naturally and maybe only look at surgery if it wasn't healing, but a 9 figure athete would rather do the surgery and not risk the potential loss of more time, which is fair enough.

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