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02/03/2023 7:00 EST Charlotte Hornets vs Detroit Pistons


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I have been watching some Alabama games to get a look at Miller.  The best thing I saw was Nate Oates, their head coach.

He runs a pretty nice offense.  Basically 5 out with a ton of motion, ball screens, PnR stuff but the other 3 guys are not standing still.  Generally one will spot up while the other two run off ball screens, pin downs, etc.  He also does a nice job of identifying the other teams weakness on defense and attacking it.

I am not normally a fan of college coaches jumping to the NBA.  But Oates would have been on my short list when they fire Casey with Kenny Atkinson being the other.  Unfortunately he just signed a new extension and the rumored buyout is big.  Shame since he also has Michigan connections.  He turned Romulus High School into a national powerhouse when he was the HC there.

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It's somewhat enjoyable watching the Pistons again when Duren is on the court.  For him to be as good as he is on defense at his age is extremely encouraging.  He maybe can't have the impact he could've 20 years ago because the game is so three point orientated now but it still nice to have a rim protector again.  

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10 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

Sucks that they won but atleast it was a win where Ivey played great, maybe his best game as a pro. 

Besides the three point shooting, he only had 1 turnover.   Be nice to see him follow it up tonight with back to back strong games.  You never know when things are going to start to click.  I am growing more and more confident the Pistons were lucky he fell to #5.  

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Can't lose them all.  Ivey and Duran played well, which is nice for the future.  Bogdanoich, Bey, and Burks had good stretches/games which might be short term memory gains and/or value enhancements on the trade front.

And Diallo did some good Diallo things.  Maybe its just me, but I find him fascinating.  You just don't know what the results will be, but the kid seems to be always at full go.  It reminds me of young Rodman as far as the energy and athleticism goes.

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