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2023 Pistons Summer League

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On 7/1/2023 at 8:06 PM, Deleterious said:

We get our first look at Chet this Monday at 8PM.  Salt Lake City and Sacramento summer leagues both start the 3rd.  OKC is  playing in one of them.

Speaking of Chet saw a couple pics of him recently and apparently he put on like 20-25lbs, still looks skinny but not near anorexic like he did before. He probably could afford to add on 20-25 more assuming it doesn't effect his quickness or athleticism too much. 

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The Monday game schedudle:


6PM Miami vs Lakers

8PM Spurs vs Hornets

10PM GSW vs Sacramento

Salt Lake City

7PM Memphis vs Philly

9PM OKC vs Utah

First three games are on various ESPN channels.  Last two are on NBATV.  I do not think Victor is playing for SA.

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good: duren had a good game shooting wise.  

bad: jaden ivey was god awful.

its hard to say anything about ausar because its summer league and the guard play is so bad.  ivey was playing hero ball for most of the time he was in the game (and playing it badly) so ausar didnt have much to do but watch.  he made a really nice pass on the break.  you can tell why they think he has "basketball sense" and compete.  cant say anything about his shot because we didnt get to see it thanks for ivey ball hogging.  this will sound terrible but he looked like a more athletic killian sometimes. 

sasser made some threes.  so did buddy.

wiseman is the #2 pick in the draft, 2 years older than most of these guys, and playing against guys 7 inches shorter than him.  you'd expect him to dominate.  he was ok, but did not dominate.

anthony black looked good for orlando.

its a summer league game so you cant really tell anything.  but what's the purpose of summer league if we cant make ridiculous assumptions based on glorified pick up games?

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A few things my opinion has not changed on.  Jalen Duren is still on track to be some kind of version of Chris Webber.  Jett Howard will do well in the NBA regular season but he has a long ways to go to have success against defenses that play hard. 

As far as Ausar, it's good if he has has point guard skills.  But we need to have balance too and that means somebody on the wing besides Bojan needs to step up as an efficient scorer.  

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Ausar - No clue about his offense from this game since he didn't get a lot of chances.  Nice half hook lefty finish on the one drive.  Good from the line.  Defense, oh boy, he was really good.  Kept his man in front of him all night, even switching onto a PG a few times.  His movement is really fluid.  Had 3 blocks and they only credited him with 1 steal, but he had very active hands.  I think he has 4 or 5 deflections.  His rebounding was great and I loved the few times he grabbed it and took off up the court.  Made a couple of really nice open court passes as well.  He looked comfortable.  The sub pattern with him seemed odd.  He didn't seem to get long stretches to build momentum.  I wish Popcorn Machine did summer league games so I can see his minute distribution.  I also wish we saw more movement from him on offense.

Ivey -  He had like 3 TO's in the first 2 minutes.  His defense is still ass.  If a defender sags off of him Ivey can get by him.  But if the defender is up in his chest, Ivey doesn't have the lateral quickness to get past him.  Go watch Jalen Green.  You get into his chest and he will cook you.  Chalk it up to a bad game.  I'm sure every NBA groupie on earth is in Vegas this week.  Maybe he was distracted.

Duren - Still terrible on defense.  His shot was falling so that is something.  Maybe it is PTSD but I still get Drummond vibes from him.  Kinda lazy, uses his length and athleticism instead of technique.  

Wiseman - Really pulling for him since he has the most upside of the bigs.  But I don't know man.  Him and Duren will really benefit from playing with Cade.  Bigs need a good PG.

Sassar - Mixed bag.  Hit a few threes, defense wasn't much to write home about.  I was annoyed he fouled a 3PT shooter.  

Livers - DNP-CD.  Going to play the odds here and guess he is injured.  

Nobody else is really relevant.  

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