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09/01/2023 8:10 pm EDT Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers


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5 minutes ago, chasfh said:

With two outs in the ninth, somebody on the third base side unfurled a sign that said, “42 years of ownership, six playoff appearances, Jerry Reinsdorf must go“. I tried to get a picture of it, but ushers quickly came and snatched the sign away. Not before big cheers from the fans, though.

As far as I’m concerned, Jerry Reinsdorf can stick around for another couple of decades. 😁

white sox post game shows have been great.  the sox are selfish, lazy, and dumb.  a rudderless team wasting talent.

promoting chris getz is the most promoting mediocrity because of laziness since al avila.

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14 minutes ago, SoCalTiger said:

McStinky is a solid 26th man and utility player and there is value in that. Just not a starter or every day player. 

Absolutely right, he and Vierling are good baseball players, miles and miles better than Harold and Willi, whose roles they should take.  They aren't starters.

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