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10/30/2023 8:00 EDT Detroit Pistons vs Oklahoma City Thunder


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This'll be a tough game tonight. I'm not expecting a win, just hoping we keep it in single digits and show the same defensive identity we've seen over the first three games.

It's a good measuring stick but ultimately they're a team that's 3 years further along in their rebuild due to their 25 year old star versus our 22 year old (potential) star. Plus, they started with a warchest of assets that got them a lot of "3 and D" players, where we started with Dre and the corpse of Blake, which has netted us a lot of "3 or D" players


I know it won't happen on a win streak, but Monty really needs to insert Burks in the starting lineup for Killian. Vecenie has talked about how much harder we're making life on Cade in his video breakdown and the numbers back this up. That starting lineup is a -10 (101 ortg) and lineups with Burks in there instead of Killian (or Ausar) are +36. Just having that one shooter in there changes everything.

Killian is the one I would move to the bench because of how much Ausar gives you the other end and on the glass. Plus, I think it helps Killian to be surrounded by all those offensive players on the bench. It probably also helps Ivey (and the bench) to have Killian out there defensively and as a distributor. It's a win/win.

I understand that they'll move Bojan in there when he comes back and Killian is probably just keeping his seat warm, but I don't want to wait that long. Also, they need to move Bogey 2 days after he returns. They've already let his value dip from it's peak and every day after he comes back will only compound that asset management blunder.

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