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3/22/24 7:00OM EDT Celtics @ Pistons

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I swear, everyone needs to be fired from the Owner himself on down through the GM, the Coaches, and the Medical Staff. This team is an absolute joke. Clean house.

Maybe the dancers and that team that jumps off trampolines can stay. Maybe.

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the owner of the team lobbies local governments to restrict in person visits so prisoners have to use their phone/video service, the head of the organization tries to fight fans in the stands, the front office trades for their clients and then immediately releases them so they can go play for other teams, and - worst of all - the head coach plays james wiseman on a regular basis.

not only are we the most inept run organization in the nba, were also run by a bunch of unethical sleazeballs.

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Haven't seen one minute of the last 3 games and my life is better off for it.

The thing is, the season has been bad enough but there's nothing to look forward to in the offseason. This draft is THE worst I've ever seen and I don't think it's close (maybe the Anthony Bennett draft comes close in terms of hype going in, not looking at Giannis, Gobert, McCollum etc. in retrospect), there's nothing in free agency to get excited about and nothing on the trade market currently that looks all that enticing unless one gets excited about Dejonte Murray.

I can see it now, they draft some prospect who is years away from making impact if ever then they see a Bogey-level guy (Tobias?) and run it back with this core. Oh yeah, and the token reclamation project that this bum GM loves to hang his hat on. This makes me long for the Reggie Jackson/Drummond era. Hell, this might be worse than Charlie V/Gordon/Smith. Didn't think that was possible yet.... here we are.

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