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April Game Thread

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18 minutes ago, lordstanley said:

Last minute goals are killers. 

Seems the Wings are always on their heels at the ends of periods. I guess most hockey teams see the clock get to one minute and say "there's one minute left, we've got a long rest coming - so turn it up a notch." The Red Wings say, "let's just try to kill the last minute without breaking a sweat."

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It seems like the Rangers' strategy against Raymond is to just beat the hell out of him if he gets near the net lol. Luckily on the Compher goal Miller was too busy standing next to Raymond on the ice to help defend.

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2 minutes ago, slothfacekilla said:

Interesting, Petry gets a crosschecking call I thought that was taken out of the rulebook

Ha, as it happened I was thinking, well, can’t complain about that one, Petry hammered him …until I saw the missed call on the cross check to Raymond. 

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There was a play just before the Rangers took the penalty, Larkin takes the rush, beats two men, went behind the net, took it wide, and as he came free there was maybe 600 sq feet of ice in the slot completely vacated by the Rangers- but not a Red Wing in sight to take a pass. And that's supposed to be our best line. Unreal.

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I've been just lurking and just observing on these Redwing boards for a long time, and have relegated myself to patience with this team for awhile now, but I cant take much more of this unmitigated ass hockey...this is getting ridiculous, especially as far as Stevey Y is concerned...HE put this team/roster together, and they're currently the 3rd oldest team in the NHL 5 years in; where's all the young guys?!  At this rate, it'll take more than the famous Ken Holland "it takes 10 years bruh!" plan.  If this team chokes and doesnt make the playoffs this season, then they MUST make it next season, or Steve needs to go, period, dot, dot, dot.

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