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3000 in 2021?


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Miguel has 69 hits in his last 64 games. Across those 263 PA since May 7,  he has hit 290 with a 763 OPS. Not great, but certainly better than anything they could play in his place - which is to say despite what some idiot talking heads who apparently can't find their way to Baseball Reference (I'm looking at you Pat Caputo) think, he is by no means the Tigers' worst player, not even close. But the interesting thing is that if you multiply 69/64 times the 57 remaining games, you get 61. Miguel is 59 hits short of 3K. If he plays nearly every day and avoids another slump, he could actually make it to 3000 hits this season, which I would have said wasn't even worth thinking about earlier in the season.

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On 7/31/2021 at 6:19 PM, RedRamage said:

I don't expect 3000 this year... I'll be happy to be wrong.

I'm with Red...  I think he may fall a couple hits short this year.  Would be happy to see him get both milestones done in 2021, but it gives fans something to look forward to next April if he falls short of 3000 this season.

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3 minutes ago, Archie said:

I don't think he'll get it this year.  I also hope he doesn't get it in Oakland or Seattle either at the start of the season.  It would be nice to get it in the first series at home against the White Sox or the next with the Red Sox.

Yes, Miggy's 3000th against the White Sox, the same game they plunk Abreu twice would be perfect. 

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