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Revisiting Cargo Shorts


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I wear my old big-flappy-pocket cargo shorts on long bike rides because it doesn’t matter whether I sweat in them, but I do still wear more dialed-back smaller-pocketed cargo shorts out in public. I’m at the age where I’m not really concerned with subtle fashion faux pas.

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I caved, it took many years, but my wife buys my clothes now because I really do not care what it is as long as it is comfortable, fits well and is not ridiculous.  She bought about 4-5 different regular type shorts and I have been wearing those almost exclusively when going out in summer.  My cargo shorts are all SUPER old and they really do not sell them anymore.

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"Adult men"....what age is he talking about?  I did not listen to it obviously.

Basically I wear stuff that my wife thinks I look good in.  I like to dress decent and be presentable, but really do not care what I wear.  Wearing a pink shirt with small palm trees on it now and pink flamingo socks...whatever.

When my wife tells me to hang up the jeans I will...because who cares..

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I still wear jeans and I’m 69. Mostly around the house or running errands. I do try not to tuck in my polos. 

I’ll wear khakis if we are going out for dinner or concert. 

Was joking the other day that I missed the PGA store at DTW. Between my airport discount for volunteering and watching their sales I got some nice stuff for not a lot of $$

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I'm working from home so I basically wear sweat shorts, sweat pants, a T shirt, and if necessary a zip up hoodie.   and I have some slippers for when it gets cold.

I really really love not having to wear socks.  My feet sweat a lot of during normal times they are toast. The only time I wear socks and shoes is when I run or work out.

I had one "nice" outfit I would wear if needed... some khakis and a polo.   Most days I will either run or work out after work so putting on "normal" clothes is silly.


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I have a wedding reception to attend at a bar next Saturday. They’re are softball teammates of mine so there will be a few of us on the team there, mixing in with family and close friends. The couple say we can wear anything we want, although they will be dressed in their wedding garb.

Since I will not have attended the ceremony itself, and I am not myself family, I’m thinking a suit and tie for a reception in a bar may be a little much, so I’m leaning towards button shirt and jacket, no tie, nice jeans, sensible black shoes. Sound right to you?

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1 hour ago, oblong said:

for me the cargo shorts have to be on the shorter side.  Not saying magnum PI shirt but above the knee. No Jorts. 

Not a problem for me. I have pretty long legs so I was never able to find shorts that went below the knee, even gym shorts when that was a thing.

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I’m very picky on that.  It’s hard to find gym shorts in my size, XL, that do not touch the top of my knee. I hate that.  They gotta be about an inch above my kneecap when standing. Most I can find fit like Fab Four basketball shorts. When doing things like lunges or burpees I am always paranoid they will catch on my knee when moving. 

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