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12/2/23 7:00PM EST Cleveland Cavaliers @ Detroit Pistons


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16 minutes ago, MIguy said:

The Freep being savage by pointing out that in the year 2023, the Lions have more wins than the Pistons.  

I kinda jokingly floated the question a couple weeks ago about who will win more games this season the Lions or Pistons and it's starting to look more like it could be a serious question, particularly if you include the playoffs and the Lions get a win or 2 there. 

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Flip Saunders (makes sign if he cross) was the last Pistons’ coach to win a playoff series.  What in the world has this fan base done to deserve this stretch of absolute futility?  A few seasons in the tank, sure, it happens.  But two playoff appearances since the Michael Curry era of 2008-9?  In a sport where over half of the league gets a playoff participant ribbon?  This has to be completely gut wrenching for die hard fans that have shelled out for season tickets along the way.

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They won the 1st and 3rd quarters with the three guard lineup.

Nice to see Ivey get more playing time, but Monty's comment about "fluid lineups" doesn't make me happy. Taking a young lineup and giving them more instability and difficulty finding their role doesn't sound like a good idea.

Ausar had a really rough game. Maybe it was the mask, but he's looked lost since being moved to the bench. He'll need to adjust or spend every day taking 1000 jumpers until he can provide some spacing.

Best I've seen Duren look since injuring the ankle. He looked springy again. But yeah, we don't need the Andre Drummond dribble drives from him.

I'll say it again: Stew's role is a bench big man. Sometimes playing the 4, sometimes playing the 5. He'll still get significant minutes and might even finish a lot of games at the 5 in switchable situations (and if we ever make the playoffs). You don't have to be a starter to be a locker room leader.

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please no.

they'd have to deal ivey for him.  they dont have any other assets since they cant trade #1 picks.

lavine would be such a ballhog on the pistons.  the last thing i need to see is cade hit lavine in stride for an open jumper only to have lavine dribble three times so he can try a step back three instead.  or better yet, drive into four defenders rather than pass.

lavine is one of the best athletes in the league and a really good shooter.  he makes a lot of bad shots.  but he doesnt play defense, doesnt pass, and never works within the offense.  and he's on a max deal.

to top it off, he doesnt want to play here and will likely sulk when things go bad.  or worse, he'll just ballhog it while everyone else stands around, including cade.

the only thing in favor of this deal is that detroit is never going to get another decent player with their cap space.  weaver will just trade it for seconds and washed up vets on expirings.

i have a sinking feeling this might happen.  there's been quite a lot of smoke lately and we know how tom gores is enamored with shiny objects (svg, blake, monty...).

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