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Lions 2023 MVP


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This is a little early but...

I think could be some very interesting debates...

And I'll kick that off by nominating a very WEIRD candidate who, I think, without, our season tanks (both S***-out-of-Luck AND Same-Old-Lions - SOL's):

Graham Glasgow.

Without signing him, I think our dream season this year gets flushed down the toilet.



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1 minute ago, RedRamage said:

Because it's such an important position and because he's played pretty darn well I don't know if you can really go with anyone outside of Goff. I don't think I can really put anyone else as more important to the Lions success. 

The O-Line?

I'm sticking with Glasgow...

At least for now...

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Put another way:

I believe that Goff is definitely important... yes.

But our O-Line is CRITICAL to our success.

It is critical for Goff's success.

And it is critical to our running game, without which, Goff becomes way too ineffective. For short periods, or for a certain opponent (defense) or for a catch-up pass-like-crazy situation... I love Goff. But I don't think we win games if we don't have a running game. I believe it is critical for Goff's success.

And since the O-Line is critical, for both... And Glasgow has absolutely saved this O-Line, this year...

I'm sticking with him.

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It is clearly Goff. (If you take Jonah Jackson out of the equation. 😉)

Yes, he has had a couple of those games where it's felt like he is a deer in the headlights (with Jonah out), but then you step back and look at his overall numbers in those games and they are still good, with the exception of a few bad plays. But he is consistently executing the offense, delivering the ball with elite accuracy and touch. And last week against NO he did a really good job of buying time in a collapsing pocket. 

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