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MLB (Team & Award) Predictions

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x-Toronto Blue Jays 96-66
x-Tampa Bay Rays 92-70
x-New York Yankees 91-71

Boston Red Sox  84-78
Baltimore Orioles 49-113

x-Chicago White Sox 89-73
Detroit Tigers 83-79  - Close..but not ripe yet.  Torkelgreene will have ups and downs and one of our young pitchers will get hurt. 
Minnesota Twins 80-82
Cleveland Guardians 77-85
Kansas City Royals 71-91

x-Houston Assholes 93-69
x-Seattle Mariners 86-76

Texas Rangers 81-81
Los Angeles Trout-Wasters 78-84
Las Vegas A's  63-99


MVP - Shamsher Corbett

Cy Young - Reeves Rubles

Rookie Of The Year - Harvey Manfrenjensenden



x- New York Mets 89-73
x - Atlanta Braves 88-74

Philadelphia Phillies 83-79
Miami Marlins 73-89
Washington Nationals 70-92

x- Milwaukee Brewers 91-71
x - St Louis Cardinals 87-75

Chicago Cubs  77-85
Cincinnati Give Ups  73-89
Pittsburgh Pirates 66-96

x - Los Angeles Dodgers 102-60
x- San Francisco Giants 94-68

San Diego Padres 84-78
Colorado Rockies 75-87
Arizona Diamondbacks 65-97

MVP - Shark Sims

Cy Young - Tim Bort

Rookie - Julio O'Hare.  






Wild Card Rounds

(5) New York Yankees over (4) Tampa Bay
(6) Seattle over (3) Chicago White Sox
(4) San Francisco over (5) Atlanta
(3) New York Mets over (6) St. Louis 

Divisional Rounds
(1) Toronto over (5) New York Yankees
(2) Houston over (6) Seattle
(1) Los Angeles Dodgers over (4) San Francisco
(2) Milwaukee over (3) New York Mets

League Championships
(1) Toronto over (2) Houston
(2) Milwaukee over (1) Los Angeles Dodgers



Milwaukee over Toronto 







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I'll do my team predictions later but here's my award predictions.

AL MVP-Luis Robert(pains me to pick a White Sox but I just have a hunch he's going to be great)

AL Cy - Alex Manoah

AL ROY - Tork(Strong class but going with the homer pick)

NL MVP - Juan Soto(overcomes team struggles)

NL Cy - Walker Buehler

NL ROY - Oneil Cruz

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*Tor 97 wins

TB 92

NY 91

*Chi 90 

*Hou 88

LAA 86


Det 83



*Atl 92

Phi 88

*Mil 87

Stl 85

*LA 100

SD 87


Post season tournament: Doesn't matter.  It's a crapshoot.  Toronto and Los Angeles will be the best teams


MVP Guerrero, Soto

Cy Young Giolito Buehler

Rookies: Torkelson Suzuki

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I can't keep up with all the playoff rounds, so I'll just guess:

Mets over Angels in 7

AL MVP - Jose Ramirez    

AL Cy Young - Dylan Cease      

AL Rookie - Julio Rodriguez

NL MVP - Fernando Tatis Jr.  

NL Cy Young - Sandy Alcantara 

NL Rookie - Brennen Davis


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Gonna keep it abbreviated, similar to Lee:

AL East: Toronto 99 wins

AL Central: Chicago 90 wins

AL West: Houston 94 Wins

WC1: New York 95 Wins

WC2: Tampa 90 Wins

WC3: Seattle 87 Wins

Detroit 82 Wins

NL East: Atlanta 93 Wins

NL Central: Milwaukee 95 Wins

NL West: Los Angeles 100 Wins

WC1: San Francisco 93 Wins

WC2: New York 92 Wins

WC3: Saint Louis 90 Wins


WORLD Series: Toronto over Atlanta in 7

MVP: Ohtani, T. Turner

CY: Bieber, Burnes

ROY: Witt Jr., Suzuki

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Here are my predictions.  I can't do the records -- too much maths.

AL East -- Jays

AL Central -- Sux

AL West -- Mariners

AL WC -- Yankees, Twins, Tampa

NL East -- Mets

NL Central -- Beers

NL West -- Dodgers

NL WC -- Phillies, Braves, Giants

NL Champ -- Dodgers

AL Champ -- Sux

WS Champ -- Dodgers

EDIT: Oops, forgot the awards. 

AL Cy: Jose Berrios

NL Cy: Walker Buehler

AL MVP: Ohtani

NL MVP: Soto

AL Rookie: Torkelson

NL Rookie: O'Neil Cruz

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Division winners: Yankees, White Sox, Astros in AL; Braves; Brewers, Dodgers in NL

Wild card winners in order: Blue Jays, Rays, Angels in AL; Phillies, Mets, Padres in NL

Tigers will win 77. We’ll score a gaggle of runs here and there, but the bullpen is still a mess, and the back half of the rotation still seems unsettled.

Really, it’s gonna come down to which teams are healthy and which are gimpy. It almost always does.

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Toronto, Chicago, and Houston win the AL divisions with Boston, Tampa, and Seattle as wild cards.

Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles win the NL divisions with New York, St. Louis, and San Diego as wild cards.

Detroit will finish 80-82.  The bullpen is pooh.  Torkleson is ROY.  Greene & Wentz make their MLB debuts right after the all star game.  Cabrera eventually gets demoted to 7th in the lineup.  Morris gets fired in mid game.  Somebody gets temporarily suspended from MTF for sharing too many of last year’s rule 5 photos.

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