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5/15 1:40 O's @ Tigers


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1 minute ago, Motor City Sonics said:

Oh, the contusion is now a broken middle finger.   I knew that was bull. 


We can't have nice things.  

after it happened you could see him make fist a few times, which looked hopeful, but the way he was holding his hand splayed open as he walked off did not.

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7 minutes ago, Sports_Freak said:

He's been striking out a lot lately. Seems like a lot of 3rd strike swing and misses.

Yes, he's not even walking like usual.  I guess a .339 OBP is okay when your BA is .208, but Willi is red hot right now.  I'm not saying Willi Castro is some kind of all star or long term solution, I'm just saying that he's in a groove right now and as The System said in 1987  - Don't Disturb This Groove.   (That follow up single is coming any day now)



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26 minutes ago, Motor City Sonics said:

I'd start Willi over Grossman today.  Robbie needs a day off.  

RHP. True enough that Grossman is scuffling as well though.

Robbie came into the season with the idea of trying to K less. But guys need to understand that taking 1st pitch strikes is not the route to K'ing less.

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4 minutes ago, Motor City Sonics said:

Willi is a switch hitter too.    I think the righty vs. lefty thing is overplayed.    

but that's the point, Willi is not a good SH.  The whole point of being a SH is to reduce your platoon split, but Willi's BA split  still runs 70-90 pts. I commented on that yesterday - Avila seems to have a soft spot for SHs who aren't very good at it.

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