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General Tsao's Cold War


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9 minutes ago, 1984Echoes said:

And so apparently is Japan, India, and Australia.

Also: Britain, and even France (they'll get over their hurt feelings eventually...).

Next: Add Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, New Zealand and even Vietnam. And keep on going...

I think Vietnam is the one I'd have my eye on.  I think if this was college recruiting you'd be looking for crystal balls from [insert name of famous foreign correspondent] for Vietnam to the Western Pacific Alliance.

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58 minutes ago, gehringer_2 said:

too bad the nukes in the East Pacific aren't where they would be doing some good. MAD is something China would understand.

The interesting thing about that.  The US keeps turning on its AIS systems to alert China to the fact that our boomers are in their back yard. 

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I would think Biden should go on TV and explain this situation to the American people.  He should place blame for Covid's outbreak and the current supply chain woes on China and say that their leaders wish to enslave Taiwan and cannot be allowed to do so.   Of course that will mean the bubbas will suddenly love Chinese Communism. 

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Trust me on this, the bubbas will never love Chinese Communism.

I agree with your suggestion that Biden take a public stand and speak affirmatively about China’s responsibility regarding the devastation and death this virus has caused. Unfortunately, I don’t expect him to stand up to China. Trump rolled over for Xi and Putin. I would like to see Biden be as direct as you suggest but I’ll not hold my breath.

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