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Where Do Things End With Vlad? (h/t romad1)


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40 minutes ago, pfife said:

romad wtf is going on

this dude thought he was tough on putin for the cameras?  lmfao

That Helsinki summit + Charlottesville + Lafayette Square + so much else.  Man, what a great time to be alive. 

To think that the die hard GOP guys that I hung around with in high school are now (mostly) all card-carrying nevertrumpers.  Vain, assholery was the order of the day.

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Russia is a threat but I believe China is a much bigger threat.  They are building a massive military and arsenal.  They aren't afraid to be the aggressor and they do what they want no matter what anyone else things.  They play a huge role in our economy and many high powered political figures are too chummy or in bed with them.

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2 minutes ago, romad1 said:

Japan is a threat but i believe Germany is the greater threat would be what any US War Department and Navy Department planner would have written in 1939-1942 until the US actually started offensive operations.

Then at the end of WW2 or right after the Soviets were a biggest threat.  Iran and China should be our biggest concern right now especially when (not if) Iran gets a nuclear weapon.

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