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NBA General Info - October 2022

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The deadline for guys to sign extensions that are coming off of rookie contracts is over.  They will have to wait until the summer now.  

Sekou would have been our player up for an extension.   But he is out of the league so no worries there.  Hayes is eligible next season.

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10 hours ago, Deleterious said:

The four studio guys on TNT just got new deals. Rumor is that Barkley got ten years for $100M.

Barkley got 10 years, but he said himself he isn't likely to make it that long.  I didn't realize he is already 59 years old.  That seems crazy to me.

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24 minutes ago, Betrayer said:

Love watching the Lakers lose.

this is going to be a really fun season for you then!

they get rid of the yoke that is russell westbrook after this season (btw, i never get tired of watching russ jack up wide open threes with 20 seconds left on the clock...the man has zero self awareness, its amazing) but they've traded every asset imaginable to "compete" in lebron's twilight.

and they extended pelinka!  the lakers are such a shitshow now.

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5 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Mathurin looks legit.  26 points tonight in 28 minutes on 15 shots.  I believe he had 19 on opening night.

Yep, he was my 1A with Murray 1B for the Pistons going into the draft outside the top 3 guys. I love his game.

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