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Lions at Vikings - 10/10/21 - 1:00pm - FOX

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Unless they can somehow get pressure on Cousins its going to be a long day for the defense. Cousins may not be the best QB in the world but he turns into Joe Montana when he gets a nice clean pocket(even more so than most qbs). Couple that with our ravaged secondary and their great receivers and this could be a bloodbath and that doesnt even take into account Dalvin Cook who seemingly always kills us.

38-17 Vikings

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Ragnow out at least 3 weeks after being put on IR.  LT with a little finger injury and and then the C gets a boo boo on his toe and he is out.  What a bunch of malarkey.  So much of that vaunted OL, they break a nail and they are out.  

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The Lions embarrassed themselves in Chicago (but were somehow within reach).   

The Lions are swamped with injuries.  They are on the road.  They looked terrible last week. 

Since it's the Lions and everyone is picking them to lose,  they'll go out there and win today

Lions 27,  Vikings 23

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My parlay for today

Tennessee - 4.5 @ Jacksonville    (I think Urban is trying to get fired, he's a scumbag and his team knows it)

Dallas -7  hosting the Giants.     (Holding my nose on this one)

Detroit +10  @ Minnesota.    Wouldn't make sense for the Lions to look good today, that's why I am picking them. 

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