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05/30/2023 6:40 pm EDT Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers


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Just turning it on and it's 1-0 Texas in the bottom of the 2nd. Tigers get the first 2 runners aboard via walks and Schoop tries to do a Miggy but Semien bobbles the exchange so the Rangers only get the out at 2nd and the Tigers have guys at the corners with 1 out. 

And as I type this Miggy himself DOESN'T pull a Miggy either but instead hits the Sac Fly to tie things up at 1. 

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Zach Short now playing center in Riley's absence and of course almost right away a ball is hit to him,he takes a good route in cutting off the ball but then makes an ill advised throw trying to get the lead runner at 3rd which allows Jung to cruise into 2nd. 

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8 minutes ago, Tiger337 said:

Monroe is horrible.  He is like a parody of an over excited analyst homer.  

I remember a game last week where Riley in a rare instance lazily came up to retrieve a single up the middle which in turn allowed the runner to go from 1st to 3rd, instead of commenting on that all Monroe did was praise Riley for not trying to throw him out at third but instead threw it into 2nd to keep the double play in order.

I don't think Riley deserved to be raked across the coals for making a rare mental/lazy mistake but it should've atleast been mentioned on the broadcast, not only was it not mentioned instead he heaped praise about something he did during the play. 

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