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06/13/2023 6:40 pm EDT Atlanta Braves vs Detroit Tigers


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31 minutes ago, LongLiveMaroth said:


It sounds like Brieske is getting moved to the arm barn. Honestly, he could make a good reliever.

if he doesn't need to stretch out he might be back in by the end of the week?

Faedo might be close as well as the fingernail fixed apparently worked well and he hasn't been out that long.

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First time I get to hear Olson pitch, and we have a rain delay.

The photo up top reminds me how much I miss Ernie.  I grew up with Ernie and Paul, my kids grew up listening to  Dan and Jim. Now that I have three grandkids,  all under the age of 3, I wonder who they will be listening to in a few years.

I think Dan will be around forever, like Ernie. I think this will be Jim's last season. I really like both Andy and Cameron with Dan. Both seem natural and a good fit. I think Bobby has a lot of work to do to get the full time gig. Or it could be someone completely off the radar.


As it stands now, who would you guys like to replace  Jim?

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3 hours ago, LongLiveMaroth said:

Good call!

Well, it was probably a little obvious given the usage of the bullpen heading into today.  I don’t know how the weather will play out, but it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have a doubleheader tomorrow and take advantage of the 27th man for the day.  The day off on Thursday allows them to get things back in order a bit, too.

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