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23-24 Prospects Thread

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1 hour ago, slothfacekilla said:


AHL TV will be free this weekend if anyone wants to see some prospects

I still haven’t bought NHL Centre Ice. I’m sure when push comes to shove I will end up doing so, but in Canada there were changes made last season that were not improvements. Like dropping guaranteed feeds of your favourite team. I will get all Wings games, but might get the Wings feed for only half or 2/3 of those. 

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2 hours ago, buddha said:

will you be upset when we trade him, kasper, and a pick for elias pettersson?


Yes... for the following reasons:

And I think Shinzaki is correct that Raymond or similar might also need to be included.

My overall reasoning is that I am loathe to trade away skillsets that the Org is deficient on. I am certainly willing to trade excess, and the excess can even be a "better" talent... 

I also noticed you included Kasper, not Danielson. Isn't Danielson going to be the guy the Canucks demand in trade for Elias? Not Kasper?

So... my quibbles with this trade are:

1) I expect Raymond to go through a huge upswing. Too young, too early in the NHL to know what his top level could be; which means we'd be selling low. If Shinzaki is correct and it must include Raymond I say no, not because Raymond is better than Elias... but that he could reach a point/ game, or even better, and we would have given him away prematurely. I guess that's the point of the trade from the Canucks point-of-view, the upside. But I'm loathe to give up on guys too early; I just think it's really dumb to do that. It would have to be someone else that we send to the Canucks, not Raymond. Someone that looks maxed out but is still young enough with talent that the Canucks want and Stevie is OK with losing... I'm guessing, but I think Stevie also says a hard NO if it's Raymond.

2) Danielson is showing better than Kasper, but just as importantly, is a RH'd Center that we have zero depth with. If we have 15 LH'ed Centerman in the Org, and 2 RH'ed - I know they're all at different talent levels/ ages, etc... - then I'm not trading Danielson. It has to be Kasper, per your suggestion.

3) Same thing with Pellikka... It's not that we don't have any RH'ed Defenseman in the Org, we do... But no one with the explosive offense/skillset that Pellikka has. That's the rarity that I just can NOT give up. I'm a hard no on Pellikka. I'd rather give them TWO defenseman, their choice of Wallinder, Johansson, Johansson, Tuomisto, Viro, Buium, Gibson, etc...


The draft pick I don't care about... but not a 1st... that seems to be a bit too much...







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1 hour ago, Shinzaki said:

Gotta think Vancouver is looking for an established player in that mix...would you include Raymond in a package for Pettersson?   I would seriously consider it

yeah, because if they didnt another team would trump the offer.

raymond, kasper and a protected first.

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