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1/5/24 10PM Detroit Pistons @ Golden State Warriors

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2 minutes ago, Hongbit said:

I agree the team needs to make big moves but it takes a special type of idiot to allow Weaver to make the calls on them.   Absolute insanity.



portrait of the douchebag as a young(er) man.

it really sucks to have a despicable person as your owner.  if youre going to be despicable and own a company that takes advantage of society's most vulnerable at least be competent at running the franchise.

incompetent despicability is the worst kind of despicability.

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If Weaver truly believes that a defense first mentality can work, the organization needs to make a complete pivot away from basketball.  

All scouts and personnel people fired and replaced by scientists and engineers.  Every dollar should be spent on researching time travel and finding a way to build a time machine.  That’s the only way it could work. 

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8 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Slow down


ivey, two seconds, and a 2029 first for pascal siakem.  followed by a max contract for the 30 year old.

followed by duren, burks, and a 2030 first for zach lavine.

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11 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

I have an inkling.  Hint: It will be the same reason it doesn't work out in Detroit.  


He’s going to make $40M dollars for 4 years of being a deep bench backup.  I think his bust NBA career turned out fine.   

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