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07/17/2022 1:10 EDT Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Guardians


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3 minutes ago, kdog said:

How dumb is that standalone doubleheader in Oakland on Thursday? This sport hates fans so much man.

Its a make for a couple of games lost due to the lock out from the first week of the season.  They had to stuff it in somewhere.  I remember looking at schedules before they reworked things and there weren't any other logical make up dates for both teams.  One would have a day off, and the other would be playing.  Oakland have a day off and Detroit would have a day off, but it would necessitate a cross country trip for Detroit from the east to the west (for one day) back to the east.  Things like that. 

Just by luck of the draw, the Tigers were supposed to open out west (Oakland and Seattle) and travel makes rescheduling tough.  And so now beginning next season, every team will play against every other MLB team (which I do like that concept), but rescheduling postponed games could prove equally tough.

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First pitch is actually 1:40, not 1:10.  If a moderator could edit the thread title, that'd be great.  It'd be even better if the thread starter could get it right to begin with, but, I mean, you know, we understand what we are dealing with here.

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A.J. Hinch: "We a have plan in place to get him some at-bats and get him back to being the offensive force that we know he’s gonna be. It’s much less spotlight to do it in Triple A than it is to continue to do this in the big leagues."

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There will be a flurry of other transactions coming soon, including Torkelson's replacement, who is being notified.

RHP Will Vest will be going on the paternity list. RHP Jose Cisnero, currently on bereavement list, is expected to return for doubleheader in Oakland on Thursday.

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5 minutes ago, Motor City Sonics said:

Dear Candelario, Grossman Barnhart and Schoop.................enjoy your week off...........in fact, you don't need to come back, they'll still pay you.   Buh-Bye.   Good luck. 

can we throw in one of Castros or do we think one of them might be something

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