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11/04/2022 7:00 EDT Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons


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10 minutes ago, buddha said:

i cant tell who 90% of those guys are.

Yeah that is a problem. 

Basically you have the top 6 picks to the right, minus Chet.  Banchero, Smith, Ivey, Mathurin, and Murray.  Duren is between the 140-150 mark, Sochan is directly to the right of Duren.  Eason straight up above them.  Koloko directly to the left of Duren with Sharpe just above them.  Above Sharpe is Braun.  Above and left of Braun is Nembhard.

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36 minutes ago, Betrayer said:

Would be fun to compare that to what it looks like a few months from now. The first couple weeks of the NBA season are always wonky as heck.

Not that I expect it to change much for Casey's young Pistons, but some of those other teams will shift a lot over the next 20 games.

Yes, I like these charts & graphs later in the season.  Its just such a small sample size right now.

Golden State is 3-6 and Utah is 6-3 right now, but its tough to put much stock into it.

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17 minutes ago, boogiebunz said:

Running theme... lack of size, lack of interior scoring, lack of defensive resistance at the rim, getting dominated on the glass. It's not going to change anytime soon.

Need size, length, athleticism upfront.

This is my take also.  By far the biggest issue is that we are starting one big and he is 6'8 with below average athleticism.  I like Stewart and he gets a lot out of his talent but this is a recipe for losing almost every night.  You would need to have elite, elite, shooters to offset this.  

Casey will realize at some point what the fans already know.  The Pistons will lose around 70% of their games until they do something about this.  

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46 minutes ago, Betrayer said:

Combination of Cade being one of our few players that can score in a one-on-one situation (i.e., Casey's offense) and the backup (Killian) being a complete train wreck that doesn't belong in the NBA.

Maybe I just saw an outlier sample but didn't Hayes have a couple decent performances in the pre-season? Guess that goes to show what that's worth!

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