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2023 NFL Draft As-It-Happens

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My own rule is that you can't grade a draft for 3 years. 


So - Grading the Detroit Lions 2020 draft


Round 1 - Jeff Okudah    D     (I think having Matt Patricia as a coach hurt him a lot,  we only got glimpses of his potential, I think he could bounce back in Atlanta

Round 2 - D'Andre Swift.   B     If it wasn't for injuries, This would be an A+

Round 3 - Julian Okwara    C     He's only shown glimpses, but I wouldn't call him a bust yet. 

Round 3 - Jonah Jackson   A    A very very nice find.  One of Quinn's best picks.   

Round 4 - Logan Stenberg   D   Even for a 4th rounder he hasn't been much.  4 starts.  None of them impressive

Round 5  - Quintez Cephus.  F    Had talent, but couldn't stay health and then he ended his career gambling

Round 5  - Jason Huntley  F   18 rushes in his career,  for the Eagles

Round 6 - John Penisini  D   (couldn't give him an F because he's a 6th rounder and actually played a little)

Round 7 - Jashon Cornell F  Played in 1 game


I will give this draft a C+.   Which is great for that regime.   I will always feel bad for Okudah.  He was drafted too high and played for a ****ty coach in a ****ty culture.    Hard to shake that bad start. 







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